Get Toning What YOU own!

Wanna Tone What You Own? Train With Kim!

Book a personal training session with Kim now! Or contact:

Tone What You Own HQ:1

Eqvvs Personal Training, 43 Cheval Place,London, SW7 1EW

Tone What You Own’s Training Style

Tone what you own is on a mission to make every single body feel sensational, that includes yours! When you book in for a training session with Kim your making an incredible step towards getting into your best ever shape.

Kim is a firm believer that every single body is incredible. Whatever your shape, whatever your size you can absolutely tone it, and own it! Your journey to a fitter, healthier you can be a fun, challenging and exciting one. We’ll help you embrace your body in all it’s glory and see the amazing power of you at your best.

Kim’s workouts follow her firm beliefs in maintaining a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Emphasis is placed on workout plans that are fun but focused, and don’t make you dread your next session.

A Word from Kim

‘Nothing gets me more fired up than a rip rollicking sweat sesh & I want to bring that awesome feeling to you! I’ll challenge you; push you out of your comfort zones and get you to your goals. Best of all you’ll feel all kinds of awesome when you walk out that gym door. What are you waiting for?!’

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