Halloween Treat Detox Juice

Halloween Detox
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Munched on one too many left over Halloween treats this week? Detox & reset with this simple green juice recipe. Just simply put all ingredients into a juicer. Add ice if desired to serve….

Halloween Treat Detox Juice
2 cups of kale
1 lemon
A generous serving of ginger (depending how zingy you like your juice)
1 apple
3 sticks of celery
1 cucumber

& POOF! as if by witchy magic those tricksy treats never happened. Now to enjoy some of that fabulously Autumnal London…

Autumn London

Till next time, Tone What You Own!

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x

Green Supreme Scrambled Eggs

This recipe is awesomely simply and great for pre or post workouts. Full of protein and green goodness to nourish, fuel and revitalise your body. Enjoy this quick and healthy dish at any time of the day!


serves: 1

You will need:

– 2 eggs

– A small cup of quinoa (you can buy it ready made for an extra quick fix but make sure its not got any added nasty’s in it)

– ¼ sliced large avocado

– 3-4 asparagus stems (chopped)

– A large handful of kale

– A small handful of walnuts (you can also add pine nuts)

– A tsp of chia seeds

– 2 tbsp of pesto

– Optional shaved parmesan to serve

– A tsp of coconut oil or olive oil to cook your ingredients with

How to make it:

1. Start by frying of the asparagus with the olive oil or coconut oil for a couple of minutes in a pan

2. Then add the kale into the pan and fry for a minute or so, until it begins to wilt

3. Now the quinoa, chia seeds and pesto, fry for a couple more minutes

4. Add the eggs, stirring them to create scrambled eggs. Heat until the eggs are cooked

5. Add the avocado

6. Remove from heat, add nuts and (optional) parmesan shavings to serve


Tasty, simple, nutritious! Watch out on the Superdry Blog and on the Superdryglobal instagram channel for the next instalment from the Superdry Sport Survival pack.

Sending health and happiness,

Kim x

10 Moves For Your Butt You Can Do With Just a Chair!

No gym, no problem. Pull up a pew and try these butt exercises for simple, effective butt toning from Crystal Stein (superstar Equinox trainer in NYC) and Self Magazine. Compiled and written by Bari Lieberman at Self Magazine. Demonstrated by yours truly! 🙂 Also available at: http://www.self.com/body/workouts/50-shades-of-glutes/…. Your everyday chair never looked so good! Watch out Bey, our bodies are gonna be to bootiliscious for you! 😉

Sending health & happiness,
Kim x

Crystal Stein, American College of Sports Medicine Health and Fitness Specialist, Level 1 Precision Nutrition coach and a Tier 3+ trainer at Equinox in NYC, created the ultimate go-to resource for lifting, firming, tightening and toning your backside. For these moves you’ll need a sturdy chair and small, looped resistance band. Add a few of the exercises below to your current total-body routine (perform 2-3 sets of 8-12 reps).

Seated Band Push


Sit on the edge of chair with legs hip-width apart, feet flat on floor and band looped just under knees. Allow knees to cave in, then push against band to bring knees in line with ankles.

Band Kicks With Chair

Stand facing chair with band wrapped around ankles. Rest hands on chair seat and walk feet back until spine is long and wrists are directly below shoulders. Kick left foot back on a 45-degree angle and slowly return foot to start.*

Single-Leg Sit Squat

Sit on chair seat, extend right leg in front of body and lift a few inches off floor, this is your starting position. Drive through left heel to stand without lowering right foot. Pause at top, then push hips back to sit down.*

Advanced Step-Ups

Stand facing side of chair. Lift right knee and place right foot on chair. As you step up, raise left knee to hip height. Pause at top, then lower left foot to floor and bring right foot down and behind body taking a big step back. Bend both knees lowering into a reverse lunge, then drive through left heel to return to standing.*

Band Jumps

Stand tall with band around ankles. Begin jumping moving feet in and out in various directions to create resistance. Continue for 20 seconds, rest, then repeat.

Hip Thrust with Band

Place band just below knees and sit on floor with feet flat on floor hip-width apart and back facing chair seat. Prop torso on chair seat so edge of chair rests along bra-line, this is your starting position. Lower hips toward floor, then press through heels to raise hips in air lowering upper torso against chair seat. Slowly lower hips back toward mat.

Lateral Step-Up With Lifts

Stand facing side of chair with toes pointing forward. Lift left knee and place left foot on chair seat. Stand on left leg and slowly kick right leg behind body keeping hips facing forward. Lower back to starting position.*

Split Squat

Stand two to three feet away from chair with back toward chair seat. Place top of right foot on chair seat. Bend left knee aiming to get thigh parallel to floor. Drive through left heel to return to standing.*

Single-Leg Hip Thrust

Lie faceup with left foot resting on seat chair, right leg extended toward ceiling. Push through left heel to drive hips off floor, pause at top, then slowly lower butt toward mat.*

Lateral Band Walks

Stand with feet hip-width apart and band wrapped ankles, keeping a slight bend in knees. Take a step to right with right foot then bring left leg in, bringing feet no closer than hip-width distance. Continue taking steps to right, then reverse directions leading with left foot.

*Repeat on opposite side.

Credits: Kim Hartwell at Wilhelmina Fitness; Hair by Leah Bennett for NEXT Artists using Oribe; Makeup by Leah Bennett for NEXT Artists using Nars.

Apparel: Athena Crop Top, $60, Outdoor Voices; Warmup Leggings, $100, Outdoor Voices, Nike Air Zoom Structure 18, $120, Nike.

SuperdrySport x Tone What You Own’s Overnight Oats

FullSizeRender (1)

Hi guys! I’ve teamed up with Superdry and their awesome SuperdrySport range to bring you our “Fitness Survival Pack”. Included in this are some nutritional recipes that complement your workout regimes. Up first Overnight Oats…

Find making a healthy breakfast hard work in the mornings? Are you all too often flying out the door with little or nothing to eat before work? Then you’re missing out on a fabulous opportunity to nourish and fuel that wonderful body of yours! So, I have the answer for you….

These super delicious oats work best when left overnight so can be pre-prepared. They’re a great source of nutrition to get you going in the morning. You don’t have to stick rigidly to the ingredients list either, mix it up with different fruits, or perhaps adding some Cacoa for some lovely chocolate goodness (Jog on Coco Pops!)

Preparation time is minimal and ingredients are kept pretty simple meaning the recipe is perfect for all you busy health bunnies out there! I am a personal trainer (not a nutritionalist) the aim of these recipes are to give you an idea on simple and attainable healthy cooking (for cooks and non-cooks a like!) If I can cook it, you can! This one doesn’t even require cooking – just soaking! 😉

Consistent nutrition is absolutely fundamental to Tone What You Own! Recipes found on the blog (and clean recipes found elsewhere) serve as a fantastic supplement to your workouts. This is one of my absolute favourite, simple, healthy breakfast recipes. I hope you enjoy these oats as much as I do. The texture some people can find a little strange at first, but certainly something you get used to. You end up with a really lovely creamy version of porridge that’s great for you and keeps you fuller for longer! Here you go, let me know what you think, I’d love to hear from you!

Tone What You Own’s Overnight Oats

Serves 1

You will need:

  • A jar or bowl to soak them in overnight
  • ½ ripe banana
  • A handful of blueberries
  • A small cup of oats
  • A tbsp of goji berries
  • A small handful of nuts (preferably raw, I like to use cashews, macadamias, walnuts and pecans – mix it up a bit!)
  • A tbsp of desiccated coconut
  • A tbsp. of almond butter (preferably with no added preservatives like sugars and salts!)
  • A tbsp. of chia seeds
  • 1/2 cup of water
  • 1/2 cup of almond milk (I like to use the brand Almond Breeze’s “Unsweetened Almond Milk) (the aim is to have equal parts almond milk and water so you may need to experiment with water and almond milk measures based on your chosen jar/bowl)


  1. Add banana, oats, chia seeds, nuts, goji berries, coconut and chia seeds into your jar or bowl
  2. Add to this the water and almond milk. In this recipe I have used a ratio of 1:1 water: almond milk. If you like it creamy; add more milk, more fluid; add more water. The liquid needs to completely cover all of the ingredients as it will soak in overnight.
  3. Stir, or shake the ingredients (if using a lidded jar)
  4. Leave to soak overnight in the fridge
  5. Remove it from your fridge in the morning
  6. Add a spoon of your favourite nut butter to add a bit of crunch – my favourite is almond butter! YUM!

If you prefer, you can warm your overnight oats slightly on the hob after you take them out the fridge to take off the chill. I personally like mine cold. Ta-da! Now you can enjoy a great grab and go breakfast option full of energy to power you through your day. Perfect for mornings on the move!

Sending health and happiness,

Kim x

Remember if you look good at the gym, you feel good and will be motivated to push yourself further. Why not check out the coolest new workout wear from SuperdrySport online at: http://www.superdry.com/womens/superdry-sport


Tone What You Own’s Go-to Grocery List

go to grocery list

Wanna know the secret to healthy eating? Let me let you into a little secret…it’s A LOT easier if you try to predominantly only stock the good stuff at home. If you have junk in the cupboards, its going to be very hard to say no to it. Too often we go to the cupboard for a quick browse and end up filling our faces with crap. But what if the food in the cupboard was still exciting and delicious but happened to be good for you?

I’m not saying it’s going to be easy but by stocking your fridge with the good stuff you’ll be more incline to reach for that. This will also help you prepare your meals in advance which is another important key factor in maintaining a healthy eating regime. My moto is to live a sustainable healthy lifestyle that’s easy to maintain. By stocking a healthy pantry at home it makes it a lot easier. Cooking foods from scratch in your kitchen also means you know exactly what’s gone into what you’re eating.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a massive foodie. When someone asked me the other day at a wedding whether I was “allowed” to eat the marshmallows I was happily shoving in my face, I almost fell off my chair laughing. I firmly believe in the 80:20 rule. 80% of the time your good, eat clean, 20% you fall off the wagon and that’s ok. So as long as those naughty treats don’t turn into spiral binges then it’s fine by me. All too often we keep piling on the junk food because “it’s not going to make a  difference now”. This mindset is completely floored given that the more crap you eat the harder it’s going to be to get back on that health wagon.


Here’s my go-to grocery list; a list I have compiled of the foods I regularly stock in my cupboards. It’s by no means exhaustive or exclusive to what you should buy and eat! There are no diets in my books, just eating healthy and making sure it’s darn yummy (while your at it!) so is enjoyable to eat!! It’s the biggest fail safe. Instead of depriving yourself and feeling “guilty” for eating bad foods make your everyday food exciting and tasty. Eating clean will make you crave the bad stuff less. Annnnd if you still crave those naughty treats, 20% of the time & in moderation that’s fine by me!! Too many diets focus on food elimination. Don’t know about you, but if someone tells me not to have something that makes me crave it 10 times more. These so called diets aren’t maintainable. In no time you fall off the wagon, eat a tonne of bad stuff which pretty much eradicates the work you’ve just done. Eat healthy. Work out. Be kind to your body. Treat YO self! That’s my thinking anyway 😉

This is just a list of my personal foods that I buy and find effective. Feel free to mix things up! Lots of the more expensive whole food ingredients can be bought in bulk online. Remember to read the ingredients and don’t buy a product with masses of added preservatives that you can’t pronounce on the ingredients list! Lots of brands sneak in cheeky salts and sugars so buyer beware!

Next time you’re off to the shops why don’t you try experimenting with some different food products to complement your training and help you tone what you own! Here’s the list, I’ll be sure to add to it if I think of any more!…

  • Chia seeds
  • Oats
  • Green tea
  • Mixture of fruits: vary them so you don’t get bored of eating them. Berries (especially blueberries), apples, bananas, coconut, pomegranate, papaya, pineapple the list is endless! All tasty naturally sweet foods without the added preservatives
  • Lots of coloured veggies: asparagus, broccoli, kale, spinach, courgette, peppers, cucumber, cauliflower, carrots etc again mix them up
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Quinoa
  • Brown rice / brown rice pasta
  • Non fat natural Greek yoghurt, great for a mayo substitute or healthier dessert
  • Nuts (e.g. Almonds, macadamias, cashews, walnuts, pecans, pine nuts)
  • Nutbutters (eg. Almond butter, cashew butter, peanut butter): so great for energy just don’t go too wild on the portions & watch for those added nasties!
  • Avocado
  • Eggs
  • Meat (organic where possible): steak, lamb, turkey, chicken etc.
  • Fish (organic where possible): salmon, mackerel, sardines, sea bass, tuna steak etc
  • Goji berries
  • Flax seeds
  • Raw honey: for when your craving that sweet fix
  • High cacao content chocolate: I love Willie’s cacao which 85% pure chocolate goodness!
  • Coconut oil
  • Almond milk (I use unsweetened Almond Breeze)
  • Protein powder (I use Neat Nutrition, Organic hemp and pea protein powder)

Sending you health & happiness,

Kim x

New Look Sport Puts the Vogue in “Voga”


What could be more faaaaaabulous (schweety darling) than donning some fantastically fashionable yoga gear and channelling your inner most diva-esque Madonna? Well…that’s exactly what we got to do at our House of Voga x New Look Sport event last week.

On Tuesday 28th July, we were up bright and early ready and raring to put the ‘Vogue-in’ in our ‘yog-in’ at the beautiful London Edition Hotel. We were taken down to the serene bottom floor, where you could feel the excited little buzz of the ‘fash pack fitty’s’ eagerly awaiting our class. Collectively “oooo-ing” and “aaaaa-ing” at the awesome activewear we were lucky enough to be sporting courtesy of New Look and their recently launched New Look Sport range.

It’s so refreshing to see a high street brand embracing the wonderful up rise of every day activewear. Gone are the days of bland boring Lycra. Here, we see an array of neons, prints and frankly rather all round sassy looking fitness clothes. Why shouldn’t you look as schmooking hot as your very sweaty self feels?


The class was taken by ‘mega babe’ and ridiculously fit ‘Voga’ guru Juliet Murrell (creator of House of Voga). House of Voga describes “Voga” as “the breath synchronised moves of yoga with the expressive moves of the dance class”. We were taken through the super imaginative and fun session with Juliet. Not sure I felt quite as graceful or diva fabulous as she looked, but it sure was fun. Some 80’s beats, lots of laughing and plenty of sass and we were through with our session before we knew it!

We finished up with some wonderfully healthy breakfast and (of course!) some more goggling at the fab New Look Sport collection. So many fabulous outfit options, the more pressing question is what ensemble to go for next session!? An excellent excuse if there was one to get sweaty more often. When you look that good whilst ‘toning what you own’ then what’s stopping you!?

The collection is so great because it’s not only for yoga (or Voga!),  its for a whole host of other training options like cross training and running. The pieces are created with material that keeps you feeling dry throughout your workouts, even if you’ve worked up a sweat. The range is so comfy, yet ‘cool’ that the pieces make great day to day wear too.  At high street prices I’m certain it will make for very happy, very fashionable ‘fitty’s’ everywhere. Check out the range here at: http://www.newlook.com/shop/womens/sportswear_3790001

I for one can’t wait to get my hands on more of the fitness range! I will definitely be sporting mine all day errrryday! Thank you for a super chic, super fun morning New Look x House of Voga. Till next time Vogi’s…

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x

Feel the power at The Power Yoga Company

Again my week is packed out, and again I find myself acchhhing to get to “The Power Yoga Company” (TPYC) Parsons Green. Not a week goes by when I don’t want to get my sweaty yoga fix at this serene, ego free, yoga sanctuary. Tucked away in beautiful Parsons Green it embodies it’s own little bubble of happy yogi bunnies….Like me!

The “Power” aspect in The Power Yoga Company is important to note. Classes are athletic. Not hot to the extent of hot yoga but you certainly get your sweat on. For all those yoga naysayers that think yoga is “easy” I challenge you to take an all level power yoga class and still think the same. Classes flow fast and strong, but still incredibly peacefully. You feel the whole class unite, not only in their ohm’s but throughout the entire practice.


Having practiced at TPYC for a while now, I can’t say there’s been a class I don’t like. Teachers are picked with extreme care. Each with their own yogi personalities. I particularly like how most classes have music. It’s not to everyone’s taste but I for one think it truly enhances my practice. When Caroline played DJ Luck & MC Neat “With a little bit of luck” one happy Friday I was in my absolute element. Why not make classes fun with a pinch (or a tonne!) of character. It’s fun! It not taking yoga too seriously. That it is what is key. You allow yourself to be free, to be you. From that your yoga practice grows. Notably. Since starting I have seen my practice blossom. Teachers aren’t scared to challenge you with progressions.


The studios are light, airy, spacious but still with an intimate factor. There is also a wonderful health food cafe for your post yoga juices and raw treats which is a really nice touch. It’s a place you want to practice. Want to take yourself to escape life’s craziness. Every time I come out I feel so much happier, more peaceful and darn right “buzzy” than when I went in. It gives you that yoga high. To me that is what makes this studio my favourite and one I will continue to go to time again.

A range of classes are offered letting beginners be beginners, easing them into their practice, right through to long established yogi’s. Everyones yoga practice is so individual and personal, why not give it a try it might just be your yogi match made in heaven. I am very lucky to have found mine!

Prices and schedules can be found on their website at:


A variety of classes are offered by TPYC from maternity, kids and beginner to more advanced. The introductory offer is also an absolute steal, I’m only sad that I’ve used mine up! Regular workshops and yoga retreats are also offered by the studio to keep your practice ever developing and exciting! Enjoy! See you on the mat!

Sending health and happiness,
Kim x

Mind Body Bowl Summer Series

When someone of insta-fame with the name “mindbodybowl” contacts you about an event, I already knew she would be my kinda girl, & this would be my kinda event!
Mind, body, bowl…..(aka FOOD)….heck I’m sold already! So even luckier still I thought that I had been contacted by the lady herself (Annie Clarke) to do two of my favourite things…yoga & eat! Hooray, I’m there, (obvs)!
The Mind Body Bowl Summer series was made up of a group of lovely fit minded ladies. The yoga class was taken in hip & trendy Shoreditch. We took a fabulous, energetic & darn right feel good yoga class with Stephy White.
We then ate some rather exquisite home baked brekkie goods by Annie. I didn’t feel compelled to mention that I’d already had breakfast earlier on in the morning (the more healthy baked goods the better)! And the fitness posse would never have known it given the way I happily dove into the homemade granola & Coyo – & who could say no to that freshly baked banana bread! Quick slurp of “The Press” Coconut & pineapple pressed juice and I’m officially in heaven. Literally the dream (for fitness buffs anyway!)
As if this wasn’t enough, it was topped off with a fab goodie bag including dishy energy balls made by Annie herself. Of which I was extremely grateful for later in my back to back day of clients and castings.
image1 (1)
Mind_body_bowl’s homemade granola, COYO and berries. Photo:@misscharholmes Instagram
Energy balls by Mind_body_bowl Photo: My Instagram: @kimhartwell
Energy balls by Mind_body_bowl
Photo: My Instagram: @kimhartwell
Thanks for an amazing event Mind Body Bowl, I can’t wait for the next one. I fully recommend trying out some of her recipes & not forgetting that fab & groovy yoga class with Stephy – another must try!
All in all Kimmy is a very happy fitness bunny here at Tone What You Own. Stay tuned for lots more fun fitness events, recipes and workouts on the Tone What You Own blog. I’d love to hear any of your comments or questions, it would mean so much to me!
Have a great week! Till’ next time.
Sending health & happiness,
Kim x

Core Collective: Crunch then Brunch

Walking into Core Collective (C/C) is like stepping into the future. I should know; I feel like I’ve seen it; given that the whole world follows New York’s lead. Living there for the last three years of my life I experienced first-hand the massive uproar in all fitness everything. In New York you can’t walk a block without some new, fantastically fabulous fitness boutique, class or clinic. Moving back to London, I can see how we’re now following in those fantastic fitness footprints of our friends on the other side of the pond. The streets of London are now suddenly flooded with the yoga mat carrying, sweatpant wearing, juice sipping ‘fitty’s of Blighty’. The C/C studio is an absolute testament to the cool fit kid movement in the UK.

As soon as I walked into the studio I was immediately reminded of those New York gym studio days. Those bright lights of slick and uber trendy NY studios are here at C/C London. The health food café hangout when you walk in. The immaculate and ever cool and urban décor. The new of-the-moment toy box of fun fitness goodies to play with. As I enter, I gasp and a huge grin comes to my face! Welcome home Kimmy! This is London’s fitness scene. This is quite something special. The studio is an enviable walking distance from Holland Park and High Street Kensington station, this sets the tone for what’s to come of this new innovative training playground.

I was rather lucky to be invited down to a morning of “Crunch and Brunch” with some like minded fitness blogger folks. For 2 hours we tested the class offerings. The studio offers spinning, TRX (called Resistance) classes and High Intensity/Functional training style classes (Velocity). Additionally there is a personal training studio and super healthy food café: Who Loves You Café.


The Classes

Each of the classes we tried pushed us out of our comfort zones, but the trainers, epic music and sheer energy of the studio vibe kept us going. We wooped, we cheered, we panted. A thoroughly good, thoroughly tough, workout had by all.


Velocity studio 2 LR

This class is by far my personal favourite. It is known as the signature class of Core Collective. In essence it is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class combined with functional training systems. It combines interval, functional, core stability and athletic training. If I’m talking French to you, it’s basically a mix of hard hitting, sweat pumping circuits. These circuits are a combination of both body weight, resistance and functional training mechanisms which include fun new toys you might not have played with before. Toys such as the “prowler” – a sled like apparatus used to train power and strength by being pushed or pulled at either end. That, in addition to tyres, rings, rowers, a boxing bag, soft boxes to name a few. Basically you’re going to get a workout but its going to be super fun (if you like that sort of stuff). It’s made for people exactly like yours truly and is bound to attract the masses!


resistance studio LR

Resistance classes make use of the hugely versatile TRX straps. TRX suspension training is  an excellent tool for body weight work that is hugely challenging for the body but limits stress placed on bones. By angling your body in different ways they provide a sound basis for a workout. Enter these into a class based scenario and you’re on to a winning workout with the fun of some team camaraderie. Resistance classes will provide you with suspension training in intimate groups that ensure form and technique are top priorities.


accelerate studio LR

I will be the first to admit spinning is not my most favourite type of exercise to do (hey we all have our workouts we love to hate 😉 ). However, I have to say for the spinning portion of our blog which I was dreading, I actually had a jolly good time. Cracking music, some meaty base, some team wooping and cheering and a (very ‘kick you up the arse’ type) instructor made me actually get into the ‘spin thing’. I might even go back for another spin fix 😉

Personal Training

C/C will soon also be providing personal training options to complement the awesome classes on offer. There is no fixed membership and classes are purchased in a set number of sessions, putting you in charge of your own fitness journey.

Studio Space

The stylishly designed studios offer an attitude-free atmosphere for you to workout in. Studios are spacious, and class numbers are limited to ensure that you are fully engaged with your workout and receive the attention you deserve. C/C promises to set a new standard in the fitness industry and I truly believe they have and will continue this into the future.

womens changing room LR

The beauty of the studio makes it a place you want to be, want to hang out in. No longer are the days of skanky changing rooms that you’d rather skip the shower and go home for one. With complimentary towels, toiletries and lockers it makes everything super easy for you. The ‘Who Loves You’ health food café serves as a wonderful compliment to the classes offering the latest in all things super tasty and super healthy. You’ll find it easy to make the studio your second home.

  IMG_8037 IMG_8038

Classes are offered on a pay-as-you-go basis so you don’t have to worry about memberships fees. You are completely in charge of your fitness journey!

I thoroughly recommend a visit! Thanks for having us at your ‘Crunch and Brunch’ Core Collective; we toned, we owned & we loved it!

Sending health and happiness,

Kim x

More information available at:



45 Phillimore Walk, Holland Park, London, W8 7RZ

Your Travel Sweat Fix: The TWYO Hotel Bodyweight Workout


Traveling got your gym mojo down? Fear not fit one, here’s a body blasting workout coming to a hotel room near you. No gym. No problem. All you need is your own bodyweight, and a 6ft space – you’re back in the game. Damage control that food buffet of dreams, earn that extra glass of ‘vino el delicious’ and deserve that day of sweet sunshine nothingness, here’s your go to hotel sweat fix.

These 5 simple moves from Tone What You Own will blow away those jet lag cobwebs & get that body feeling it’s usual awesome self. Complete the exercises one after the other. 2 to 3 rounds of this circuit with 30-90 seconds rest between circuits & you’ll be taking the world by storm….

Remember to warm up and stretch at the end to stay happy, healthy & ever wandering! Go get ’em globetrotter!

1) Crawl – Moving Plank – Tricep Push Up: One to get that heart rate up, toning from tip to toe. Make sure your hips keep stable throughout. Resist the urge to rock them side to side (especially on the plank). Keep your core engaged the whole exercise. Shoulders over elbows for the plank. Arms in nice and close to the body for the Tricep push up. Neck always inline with the spine (neutral). Go for 10-12 reps (increasing as you progress). Tricep push ups are tough so you can always drop to your knees to modify.

2) Alternating Forward Lunge: 12-15/leg. Step forward – quite a long step. Ensuring here that the weight is driving through the heel of your front foot. Your front knee tracks inline with your 2nd & 3rd toe. The knee doesn’t extend past the toe. You can see a right angle in both the front a back legs as you lower. Squeeze the glutes on the way up. Chest open, core engaged. Think of how great you’ll be feeling on the beach; literally moments away!

3) Tricep Dips: 12-15. Using a chair lower your body slowly toward the ground. You want to create a 90 degree angle in the arm and legs as seen in the video. Your butt needs to be as near to the chair as possible without touching it, lowering your body to almost touch the ground. Spice it up by straightening your legs, but (please!) don’t compromise your form.

4) Single Leg Bridge: an oldie but a goodie. You’ll be feeling those buns by now. Finish strong. 12-15 on one leg, then the other. Palms facing up so you’re not tempted to use them to push up. Raised leg as straight as possible, heel kicking into the ceiling. Hips stable. Neck relaxed on the floor. Suns out buns out! You got this!

5) Glute Step Up: 12-15 on one leg, then switch up to the other. Focus on driving the weight into the heel of your stepping foot. Controlled step up, core engaged. Slow and controlled both on the way up and down. Good job!

Complete each move one after the other in a circuit fashion. Rest for 30-90 seconds, then do another 2 to 3 rounds.

THAT my friend is how you get your travel sweat fix and stay in your A game, regardless of global wandering frolicks!

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x

Certified Personal Trainer / Eqvvs Personal Training, Knightsbridge, London / Core Collective, High Street Kensington / Fitness Model @ W Athletics

Filmed in the WestInn Hotel, Singapore