A Week in the Life of a Model, Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor (Part III)

Happy Monday team! I hope you have a great week to come. Here’s the last segment in my “Week in the Life of..” which covers what I got up to once I landed back in London from my location shoots and back in my training world last week…

Day 6 – Almost there! (Faaaabulous Friday)

Contrary to the madness that has been this week, I have just a few clients booked in for the afternoon today at Eqvvs Personal Training.  I take the morning to sort through my admin for the week before training myself at Equinox. I’m back on my usual nutrition regime now; being back on home turf makes it so much easier to control. I’ll always be the first to admit that I stick to similar meals in the week. It’s what I know works for my body and makes me feel good. So on that note I have my overnight oats for breakfast (for recipe see here).

My 'Grab & Go' Overnight Oats
My ‘Grab & Go’ Overnight Oats



Then for lunch I have some eggs and avocado on rye bread with spinach before heading out for the day. I try to eat at home where possible or take a packed lunch with me so I know exactly what I’m eating. With the right food in me I’m feeling full of energy and ready for my training at Equinox.

Easy Eggs & Avo

Post lunch I make my way to Equinox for a quick and punchy full body strength training session. For my session I mix it up a bit. Today I’m training alone and I fancy hitting an 8-12 rep range and focus on predominately full body moves. Having been out of the train game for a bit I want to get straight back into training those major muscle groups. I do a mixture of full body, back, chest and leg exercises. Following it up with some core and arm work. As it’s a Friday and I happen to be at Equinox (e.g. the BEST place for shakes) I allow myself a cheeky nut butter shake to tide me over for the afternoon post workout.

Little PT tip…post workout is incidentally one of the best times to get nutrients into your body. I like to eat a mixture of carbs and protein as soon as I can after working out. If I finish training and it doesn’t happen to be near a meal time then I’ll have a snack of some sort, like a banana or apple and almond butter or my NEAT protein shake. If possible it’s best to have this within a 60 (max`90) minute window of your workout. This is a time where your body most efficiently makes use of the nutrients to recover, repair and replenish your body. Therefore making your recovery that much more efficient and your training that much more effective. I also swear by eating more than an hour before workouts to make sure you have the energy you need to push your body to the max. If you don’t eat before you train (or are on a very restrictive diet) it’s like trying to get your car to run without putting any petrol in it.

Apple & Almond Butter is one of my favourite snacks!

For the afternoon I head into Eqvvs to see my regulars. It’s so nice to see my clients again. Although it’s only been a week you get used to seeing people on such a frequent basis so it somehow feels as though its been longer. What I love about my PT sessions is that I get such a vast array of clients. I get to know so many really interesting people. I train girls, guys, youngsters, fiesty and fit golden oldies, or those just wanting to keep their health ticking over. Some want more general fitness and overall health improvements, whereas some have a specific goal in mind. Recently I was working with a young male client of ours whose sole focus was to get into the army – so we drilled him in the ways he would need to pass the fitness examination with flying colours. It was so rewarding and a proud moment for all of us when he did!

I love my job not only because I enjoy giving people the training, knowledge and confidence to push themselves out of their comfort zones and into amazing results, but  the fact you can see the difference you’re having on someones life. Whether it be something super short term; like they perhaps came in having had a bad day and leave on a much happier note. Or more physical long term improvement, like seeing their range of movement increasing. Maybe they couldn’t squat at all before and now they can. Of course you inevitably see the fitness and strength gains and amazing posture differences too. You also see general life perspective and happiness level changes too. It’s an incredible thing the effects that exercise can have on someones life. How wonderful is it then that you can have that influence, provide that helping hand, that stepping stone to happiness and health? I happen to think it’s pretty awesome!

Image: Lucie Yoga, Rue LaLa Online.
Image: Lucie Yoga, Rue LaLa Online.

My three client sessions for the afternoon seem to fly past. We chat and banter whilst still getting the work done. Soon I’m on my way home. I can’t wait to be at home tonight with my boy and doing absolutely nothing! We both adore cooking so we make a lovely dinner of tomatoe and basil sardines followed by sole, asparagus and a parsnip and sweet potatoe gratin. Delicious!  It’s a Friday so we’re sharing a lovely bottle of vino rouge and finishing dinner with some cheeky choccys.

Day 7 – What a week!

Sweet Saturday. We made it! I have just the two clients this morning. I know todays going to be a busy one so I factor my training into my work. I pop on my Adidas PureBoostX’s to give them a whirl. Luckily both clients are at the same place and in close proximity to ours. I run 2 miles to meet them for their sessions. Train them for a couple of hours, then run 2 miles back, trying to beat my first round for time. Although the running is staggered its great to get a quick bit of speed training in when I know I might not get a chance to do anything else in the day.

Time to Test These Bad Boys - Adidas PureBoostX
Time to test out these bad boys! – Adidas PureBoostX

The reason my Saturday is so hectic is because …I happen to be getting married in August…and today is my dress fitting. GAAAAAH! The excitement. My bridesmaids and mum together in arms hit the bridal boutique for a super special day. We oooooh and aaaah over the pretty shoes and THE dress before having a lovely lunch at Browns Brasserie. At which, we manage to book our hen party “bantz”. We’re heading to Barcelona for Sonar festival in June and cannot wait! All that was needed was the accommodation booking. Soon we were all booked up and lunched out and were heading home. I finally to see “that” fiancee of mine! We spend a lovely evening together and are finally free to enjoy our work free Saturday night and Sunday. Phew! What a full on, but all very fun week!

Sunday – Full circle 

From Stockholm to Marseille to London, it’s been nuts. We finally have a day off together. Today we decide to chill and do all the things we love to do. Namely…cooking, training and chilling out together! We have a leisurely morning scoffing healthy home made pancakes (see recipe for which here!)

Healthy & delicious pancakes!
Healthy & delicious pancakes!

Before trying out a local gym hang out “Bounce Gym” for some double trouble training together. The gym happens to be awesome so we spend a while having fun with the space. Todays workout looked a little something like this:

Hypertrophy training – 8-12 reps – Full Body

A1 Barbell Back Squats x 3 sets

B1 Deadlifts x 3 sets

C1 Single Arm Rows x 3 | C2 Arnold Press x 3

D1 Rope climb x 2 | D2 Rope pull x 2

E1 Ski Erg 60s x 3 | E2 Sprints x 3


Love the space at Bounce, Wimbledon!

It’s super fun to have a training partner to banter off of. It helps when there’s lots of fun new toys to play with too.

We enjoyed our session at Bounce before going out to lunch at our favourite coffee hangout: Bean&Hopps in Earlsfield. Baked eggs and eggs benedict down we head home to chill for the rest of the afternoon.

Bean&Hopp’s Dreamy Baked Eggs & Flat White

We make home made turkey meatballs and courgetti for dinner and prep our food for packed lunches for the week. Not only does this save us money but keeps our nutrition on point for the week. We cook up some turkey breasts and sweet potatoes for easy grab a go salad options for when we’re on the run in the week. We simply have to add some spinach and jobs a good’n! Luckily there’s meatball left over too (winner!) so they will also be for lunch at some point. Before we know it Sunday has been and gone, but you know what they say…a Sunday well spent brings a week of content. I feel ready and raring to take on another busy week ahead!

Left Over Turkey Meatballs for Lunch – Winner!

It’s been a great week. I’ve seen some amazing places. Worked with some truly awesome people. All whilst seeing my #fitfam – my class and client regulars, as well as new fitness faces. It’s fair to say this week isn’t a complete reflection of my ‘regular’ modelling come training, come teaching week. The nature of the jobs means that ‘regular’ just doesn’t factor into it. Each week brings new fun adventures, challenges and craziness but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m so blessed that I can explore the world with my job. Meet some truly inspiring, motivational people. I love that I can teach and train people to use their bodies to their absolute best leaving them feeling healthy, strong and most importantly happy! Even more importantly for me as a model I want to show people that models are like any other person. They bare the brunt of some pretty rough stigma. I’m on a one women mission to get models and non models alike feeling amazing in the skin they’re in. Doing the best with what they have and embracing what they have – hence the tone what YOU own, not anyone else.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a little insight into the world of a model, personal trainer and fitness instructor. Stay tuned for lots more to come on the Tone What You Own blog in the form of recipes, workouts and general wellness advice! I’m looking forward to lots more fun fitness adventures to come!

Till next time…have a wonderful fresh, fabulous, shiny new week!

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x



5 Tips for Staying Strong All Winter Long


We’ve all been there. Gym kit on (or very close to being on), finally gearing yourself up for that run, you look out the window…it’s dark, cold and ultimately all very un-alluring. So it’s back to the sofa I guess?….Not so fast! Here’s my top 5 tips for staying strong all winter long – even when it looks like the apocalypse is upon us outside!

  1. Stop overthinking it 
    • Usually it looks worse than it is. More often than not it’s a case of sacking it up and getting out there. Once your outside getting the blood pumping, the endorphins flowing and breathing in that fresh air, you’ll start to get yourself into your workout. Sitting inside glaring out the window watching each rain cloud come in (or not!) isn’t doing anyone any good. The intention to get an outdoor workout was there but we all too easily let the doubt in our mind conquer us. Essentially by the time you thought about starting and had a little dither about it, you may as well have gone and got it done. Even if it was a quick 15 minute run, or perhaps some sprint training, chances are you’ll feel a world better for doing it than not.
    • Where your dedication will prevail is in your ability to remain un-phased by external forces that you have no power over. If you let the weather dictate your workouts then your leaving achieving your goals to chance. Although a bit of a cliche…summer bodies ARE made in the winter. There’s a reason why the fitness buff’s you know are in the gym throughout the year. “Rome wasn’t built in a day…but they worked on it every single day” – and that’s not just the days leading up to your big summer holiday!
  2. Incorporate it into your day
    • Doesn’t the time just seem to fly by? How are we almost mid January already? There barely seems enough time to get work and the household chores done, let alone a bit of down time – so when on earth can we fit in that workout? The struggle is real! A great way of getting your workout in (especially in those cold, dark winter days) is to somehow incorporate the workout into your day. If you find a formula that works for you, it will be that much easier to sustain
      your fitness regime. If you can, run or cycle to or from work. Pack your gym kit the night before and hit the gym early doors before work or straight after work.
    • IMG_2854
      My commuting running adventures!                                                             Instagram: @kimhartwell 
    • Personally I find it that much harder to get the motivation up to go to the gym once I’ve come home and got settled with that lovely warming (not to mention homely) cup of tea. The other week I knew the only opportunity that I would have to workout would be to run home from work. I was so busy in the day that I wouldn’t get a chance to go to the gym. I knew the second I got home the chances of me going back out for my workout were pretty slim. So, 7 miles later I was home. I had a real sense of achievement. I managed to get the workout in. I scaled quite a nice distance through my mileage home. Saw some good sights, beat the time it would have taken on a stuffy tube and saved that travel card fare! Happy days! If you prepare for this sort of thing, pack your bag (lightly), take some headphones, take a backpack; it isn’t all bad. Time saving fitness – now that’s my sort of workout.
  3. Layer up
    • My dad once told me: “there’s no such thing as bad weather; just bad outfit choices”. It’s a phrase which made a remarkable amount of sense to me and one that I use when training outdoors. You’ll only be cold if you’re not appropriately dressed for the occasion. If its raining wear a waterproof. If it’s windy wear something that works as a wind breaker. If its cold, layer up! Chilly hands? Wear some sweat wicking gloves. I see a surprising amount of people neglect this on cold winter days. Our bodies actually like working out in temperatures around 7-10 degrees celsius, so now it’s just YOU that needs convincing! And that rain? Our bodies are made of about 70% of the stuff! Sooooo that rainy run isn’t going to be all that bad for us after all!
  4. Tune in
    • For me I find it difficult to really get going and get into my runs or outdoor training (or indoor for that matter) without some good music behind me to motivate me. Check out my Spotify Playlists for my music to help get you raring to go and get you on the way out that door!
  5. Have a plan B
    • OK I get it…sometimes, THAT rain and THAT wind just ain’t gonna fly today. Have a back up option so there’s no getting out of your workout for the day. Can’t run? Have that back up bodyweight workout plan as your plan B. Need inspiration on what you can do without a gym and inside? Have a look at the Tone What You Own Bodyweight Workout for inspiration.

Above all else…have fun with it. Get muddy. Get sweaty. Get a little soggy! Take on the challenge and win. Get that summer body from the fruits of your winter labour and feel darn good ‘n’ proud about it. Till next time…Happy workouts my winter warriors!

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x





Take Your Running to the Weight Rack: Why Runners Should Strength Train

Photo: Coty Tarr
Photo: Coty Tarr

Are you a runner? Do you strength train? All too often the answer to this is no. If you are continuously running without the fundamental strength that your body needs to support you while running then you may be setting yourself up for injury.

Why Strength Train for Running?

Sure you’re an avid runner, knock out a very respectable mileage each week, but have you also struggled with some sort of injury at some point? More than likely the answer is yes. As polled by Runners World, in one year as many as 66% of runners struggle with injury. So how can strength training help? Here’s 4 reason why incorporating strength training into your running program is a good idea:

  1. Correct Muscle Imbalances and Running Form

Muscles act in balances. In everyday life (such as sitting down for long periods of time) the body picks up muscle imbalances. If you’re constantly sitting down for long periods daily (let’s face it, most people are) your hip flexors are in a constant state of flexion. This means that your hip muscles become tight. This in turn weakens those muscles in opposition to that muscle group. In this example; the glutes. Runners commonly struggle with a lack of glute activation. What is known as synergistic muscle dominance takes over. Which basically means that inappropriate muscles take over the function that the glute should be doing itself. This leads to incorrect posture and form which will have a direct influence on your running technique.

Photo: MIchael Benabib
Photo: Michael Benabib

Without strength training those glutes, the body can become weak, and the body is in imbalance. As Michael Fredericson, M.D., associate professor of sports medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine states: “Healthy running should be as symmetrical and fluid as possible. If you don’t have muscle balance, then you lose the symmetry, and that’s when you start having problems.” The hip and glute strength are two of the most important stabilizing muscles that are used while running (in addition to the core). Runner’s World (who let’s face it know a thing or two about running) combined a list of 10 laws of injury prevention, sighting strength training as a major factor. As explained “when you strengthen the hips—the abductors, adductors, and gluteus maximus—you increase your leg stability all the way down to the ankle” – thus improving your symmetry and in turn running form.


  1. Limit the Risk of Overuse Injuries

Just running and running with not a lot else going? I’ve been there: girl just loves to run right? Not only does this leave you susceptible to muscle imbalance related injuries but also leads to overuse injuries. Repeatedly stressing the same joints and muscles (which may already incidentally be imbalanced) causes the bodies tissues to breakdown and eventually lead to injury. As the Greatist states: “Bodyweight routines can help you recover from running while still building the strength needed to help prevent future overuse injuries.”

  1. Performance Improvements

So you want to get better at running? So you just need to run more right? What about those overuse injury problems that we mentioned? Going beyond your physical capabilities too fast will lead to inevitable injury. By preparing the body through strength training (in addition to running) it allows the body to adapt and better receive increases in activity. As Runners World suggest “If you are a serious runner and would like to run faster or farther you need greater strength endurance.” They conclude that even doing just one hip strengthening exercise will increase your running performance. Doing even more running related strength training will increase your running performance dramatically. Running strengthening examples such as those seen in Deborah Warner’s (Founder of Mile High Run Club, New York) workout for Self Magazine “Be A Better Runner workout”,

  1. Overall Fitness Improvement

Strength training will improve your overall fitness. Your body works hard to get you through your strength training regime. When strength training is done in a circuit fashion it doubles up as a cardio workout. Why not kill two birds with one stone? As Livestrong explains, “when you perform aerobic exercises (like running), your body keeps burning calories for a short time after you finish your workout. When you perform strength-training exercises like weightlifting, you permanently boost your calorie-burning capacity by increasing your body’s supply of muscle tissue.”

Self Magazine -  Photo: Peter Yang Hair: Eloise Cheung MUA: Junko Kioka
Self Magazine Photo: Peter Yang

Running Specific Strength Training

Why not get started on your running strength training today by checking out Deborah Warner’s “Be A Better Runner Workout” for Self Magazine. If you’re in New York City you can also check out her Mile High Run Club studio solely dedicated to running and running strength training.

What are you waiting for? Up your running ante – see you at the weight rack!

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x

The Moves You Need to Improve Your Run

Self Magazine -  Photo: Peter Yang Hair: Eloise Cheung MUA: Junko Kioka
Self Magazine Photo: Peter Yang


Hooray! Self Magazine’s February issue is out now! It features a great workout by Deborah Warner (fitness guru and founder of the first dedicated running studio in New York – Mile High Run Club). This workout is specifically designed for fitness bunnies that want to get better at running. All too often runners underestimate the importance of strength training in addition to running. You can find out why you should be strength training for better running in my post: Take Your Run to the Weight Rack: Why Runners Should Strength Train.

Through the Mile High Run Club, Deborah has bought the use of strength training in runners to a whole new level. In classes time is dedicated to strength training that will actually make you a better runner. The below workout has been created by Deborah to help strengthen the leg muscles and core. These are the very muscles you need to build to improve your running performance.

Here’s Deborah Warner’s “Be a Better Runner” workout as designed for Self Magazine readers, demonstrated by yours truly….

“Be A Better Runner” Workout by Deborah Warner for Self Magazine

(Photographed by: Peter Yang. Hair: Eloise Cheung. Make up: Junko Kioka. Styling: Lindsey Frugier. Model: Kim Hartwell)

For video demonstrations by Deborah herself you can visit your “Trainer-to-go” at Self Magazine online: http://video.self.com/watch/trainer-to-go-the-moves-you-need-to-improve-your-run

May your runs be forever strong!

Sending Health & Happiness,

Kim x

A Class in Getting Your Runners High

Photo: My Instagram
Mile High Run Club. Photo: my Instagram

Treadmills are having a massive moment in the fitness scene. Although treadmills themselves have been a part of the fitness furniture for years, it might just be their time to brush off the dust and start to shine again…

Photo: David Siik's Precision Running, Well+Good
David Siik’s Precision Running. Photo by: Well+Good

Gone are the days of being bored sat on a treadmill at the same pace for long monotonous amounts of time. The likes of Mile High Run Club, Barry’s Bootcamp and David Siik’s ‘Precision Running’ treadmill based training classes has made the once thought boring equipment of the treadmill all sparkly and new again. Although it doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles of the equipment based trendy classes hopping their way around the fitness circuit at the moment (Acroyoga, Megareformer anyone?). The simple act of treadmill running still remains one of the most effective workout tools. As David Siik (running coach and Precision Running group treadmill creator at Equinox) explains: “running requires so much energy to push up and off the ground every single step that collectively over many steps, it’s so much work.”

Photo: Mile High Run Club
Photo: Mile High Run Club

Mile High Run Club (MHRC) prides itself on being the first group treadmill class studio in New York dedicated to solely running. By the looks of things it won’t be the last. Class led treadmill workouts fused with resistance training provide a burn that strides ahead of traditional treadmill training. As MHRC states; “daily group treadmill classes and endurance focused strength training led by elite runners, (means that) everyone trains like an athlete regardless of fitness level.”

MHRC’s classes are a fusion of class led coached running and resistance training with kettlebells. The running portion of the class focuses on gradient and speed. The strength portion of the class focuses on strengthening muscles needed most in running. Both portions will make you an overall better runner. You’ll never need to ponder what on earth to do on the treadmill for so long again. Your treadmill workouts will be stronger, more exciting and more efficient.

Classes are great for anyone wanting to up their running game or simply just wanting to run with like minded fitness folks. Whether your training for a race or just starting out, you’ll learn all you need to know about life in the running lane – without the usual treadmill boredom or unpredictability of New York’s ice cold winter.

Founder of MHRC, Deborah Warner. Photo by: Well+Good
Founder of MHRC, Deborah Warner. Photo by: Well+Good

I was lucky enough to meet Deborah Warner, founder of MHRC on a fitness shoot for Self Magazine. The lady herself is the picture of health with fitness experience by the bucket load. Her newly opened studio is taking the New York fitness scene by storm. The studio is set in super fit and trendy Noho. With beautiful, clean changing rooms, meeting dark fluorescent lights of the class studio, it’s enough to get your motivation revved and help you really tune into your runners stride. Make sure you get down to MHRC for a taste of your ‘runners high’ – it’s addictive!

For those who can’t get down to the studio or outside but still want a runners workout, check out the “Be A Better Runner” workout routine in this months Self Magazine (February edition) . You can find Deborah and myself showing you some indoor strength training that you can do anywhere that will help you up your running ante…

Deborah Warner’s “Be A Better Runner” Self Magazine workout

Also available in video on Self.com at: http://video.self.com/watch/trainer-to-go-the-moves-you-need-to-improve-your-run

Here’s to longer, stronger running!

Sending Health & Happiness,

Kim x