Music to Motivate


Photo by: John Davenport
Photo by: John Davenport

So it’s winter time for a lot of us. Those cold, rainy days play havoc with your gym motivation. Who wants to go to the gym when there’s a warm cosy sofa waiting at home with the latest episodes from Netflix with your name written all over them?…You need some serious butt kicking. Good news you can do it all by yourself. Whip out your music player and get yourself some cracking, heart pumping, ‘get off your butt’ (it aint gonna squat itself) tunes to train to!

Find out what really gets you going and add it to a workout playlist. Plug into your music on the way to your workout and feel the motivation grow. Plan your playlist so you get your real favorites in there. Maybe have the ones that get you the most fired up about midway through your workouts to spur you even further when you’re feeling fatigued. If your doing intervals (I’m a huge fan!) create playlists to play faster songs for higher intensity portions of your workouts and slower for lower intensity.

Music is an incredible way to get you motivated for your workout. Here’s some of my playlists that get me going. Follow them here for new workout music inspiration…

Training Playlist…

Beats Playlist….

Hip Hop Yoga Playlist…

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